Firemen continue to battle forest fire near Barcelona

Firemen continue to battle forest fire near Barcelona

17 March 2014

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Spain — Spanish firemen Monday continued to battle a forest fire that has destroyed over 300 hectares of land and prompted an evacuation of 450 people in a village north of Barcelona.

Local firemen have been working over the weekend, trying to establish a perimeter around the flames and also to combat secondary fires which were started as a result of the continued strong wind in the region.

As the fire hasn’t been fully put under control, authorities decided to send in two helicopters, two spotter planes and two other planes to joint the firemen’s effort.

The fire was among the signs that this could be a difficult year for Spain to control forest fires.

The country’s exceptionally wet January and February were followed by two weeks of warm dry weather, which will likely lead to a more vigorous growth of bushes than in previous years.

Meanwhile, government spending cuts in many regions have hampered the work to contain the growth of the bushes.

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