People’s network decreases forest fire in Chiang Mai

People’s network decreases forest fire in Chiang Mai

13 March 2014

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Thailand — People in remote areas are now cooperating in the prevention of forest fire in Sri Lanna National Park. Fire and blanketing smoke in the north have been an environmental problem for many years.

Mr. Yossawat Thiansawas, Head of Sri Lanna National Park, reports that there have recently been fewer invasions of Sri Lanna National Park, Chiang Mai. In 2012, 85 accused were prosecuted and there were 160 cases of alleged invasion. In 2013, 90 accused were prosecuted out of 94 cases. In the past, the office was besieged on five occasions by forest invaders and the staff was shot at. Subsequently, there was more training for the staff and the local people were asked for cooperation. The authorities have worked to reach an understanding with the native people and monitor the forest areas with their cooperation and for the benefit of the community.

GPS was used to compare areas of the forest between 2002 and 2010 to demonstrate the change in the condition of the forest . The locals recognized the reality of their loss and a network of monitors was founded. Since then those accused of illegal activities in the forest have been arrested with the help of people in the watchful community. There are now considered to be only 10 Hot Spots left in Sri Lanna National Park.

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