Over 7,000 bush, peat fire calls since Feb 1

Over 7,000 bush, peat fire calls since Feb 1

24 February 2014

published by www.nst.com.my

Malaysia — HE Fire and Rescue Department has received more than 7,000 calls involving bush and peat fires from Feb 1 to date due to the dry spell.

Its director general, Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Ibrahim, said the calls increased fivefold in the period compared with the same period last year.

“We receive an estimated 300 calls per day on fire. Most of the calls involved locations in the states of Selangor, Johor, Kelantan and Perak,” he said after officiating the 2014 Fire and Safety Seminar yesterday.

He said the department’s personnel were on standby in case the situation worsened during the current dry spell.

Wan Mohd said the department would continue to keep a close watch, particularly on locations nationwide that were considered as hot spots.

Meanwhile, the Department of Environment said they were currently pumping water from tube wells to be used to extinguish the fires.

Its director-general, Datuk Halimah Hassan, said water levels nationwide were low and insufficient to douse bush fires.

“Officers were told to pump out water from tube wells in fire-prone areas to be used in case of a bush fire. This is being carried out nationwide to ensure water usage and fires are controlled.”

In George Town, a bush fire at Bukit Relau on Monday night caused panic among hundreds of residents living at the foot of the hill.

During the 9pm incident residents, particularly those from Jalan Yeap Chor Ee and Bukit Gambir, were horrified as they watched the blaze from their homes.

The blaze, which took place in a 0.4ha area of shrubs and bushes, took 30 Fire and Rescue Department personnel more than half an hour to bring under control.

Jalan Perak Fire and Rescue Department operations chief Kamaruzi Mohd Nor said it was tough fighting the fire in the dark.

“We had to chop down the shrubbery with parang to reach certain recesses where embers of the fire were spotted.”

Kamaruzi said the cause of the fire was unknown, but attributed it to the drought as the underlying factor.

He said a similar fire had broken out in the area about five years ago.

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