Asthma Foundation urges Victorians take precautions

Asthma Foundation urges Victorians take precautions

30 January 2014

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Australia — With temperatures expected to soar again in Victoria this week, The Asthma Foundation of Victoria is urging Victorians to protect themselves and others from smoke exposure.

Smoke and increased air pollution from fires can cause people with asthma to experience symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or shortness of breath.

Whether in an area exposed to bushfire smoke, or not directly affected by bushfires, it is essential that you are ready to manage an asthma attack.

“Bushfires are not only harmful to homes and property but also to people’s health. We are urging people to ensure their asthma is well managed and they take precautions to avoid smoke and detect any worsening asthma symptoms”, says Robin Ould, CEO of The Asthma Foundation of Victoria.

Children and the elderly feel the effects of smoke first, so if you have asthma, or if you are responsible for a child or elderly person with asthma, be aware of the risk and be prepared.

For people who live in bushfire prone areas, The Asthma Foundation of Victoria in conjunction with Dane Taylor Technologies Pty Ltd, has developed a Fire and Smoke Emergency Kit for families to have handy when impacted by smoke, and to take with them when they leave their home for a fire evacuation.

The kit can be purchased from The Asthma Foundation of Victoria’s Online Store for $90 including GST + postage and handling.

For questions on you can manage your asthma and prepare for bushfire smoke, contact The Foundation on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) or visit their website

If you or someone you know is experiencing worsening asthma symptoms call Emergency Services on ‘000’.

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