Chile fights dozens of forest fires

Chile fights dozens of forest fires

09 January 2014

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Chile — More than 20 forest fires remain active in Chile, while 18 ones are under observation, said the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF).

Six forest fires are located in Maule and the largest one, which has destroyed some 12,000 hectares in the region, is located in Constitucion, reported CONAF.

Five other fires are being fought in Region Metropolitana, where the one located at Melipilla has almost covered 15,000 hectares.

Local press reports indicate that authorities, firefighters and often inhabitants of the place are fighting the fires.

After a meeting with some members of his cabinet, President Sebastian Piñera declared Health Alert on Wednesday night for four regions: Valparaiso, Region Metropolitana, La Araucania and Maule (Central Area). He also called people to keep calm.

Yesterday, a cloud of smoke came over various sectors of the capital city and worsened the quality of the air.

A statement from the Metropolitan Municipality urged people to avoid practicing sports outdoors and take special care of young children, elderly people, pregnant women and people that suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.

CONAF reported last weekend that at the current season 1,553 forest fires have taken place in the country, 75 percent more than in previous season.

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