Resolution Changes Wildfire Response Tactics

Resolution Changes Wildfire Response Tactics

01 January 2014

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USA — After Lewis and Clark County Commissioners approved a resolution changing home protection tactics during wildfires, Helena fire officials are speaking out, saying the rule is necessary in keeping firefighters safe.

Commissioners passed a rule encouraging firefighters to use their judgment on whether to risk their lives to save structures. The resolution was created by members of the County Fire Council, who say the move is in response to a fire in Arizona last summer that killed 19 firefighters trying to save an empty structure. Helena Fire Chief Sean Logan says the rule is necessary.

“There were a lot of fire behavior, weather related things that led to the unfortunate circumstances in Arizona that we would be foolish not to learn from.”

The resolution also calls for a fire behavior class geared toward volunteer responders, but open to all firefighters, in addition to the basic training they receive every spring.

For more information on fire mitigation programs in Lewis and Clark County contact the county mitigation officer, Pat McKelvey at 406-447-8225.

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