Fire Service Personnel urge youth to guard monkey sanctuary against bushfire

Fire Service Personnel urge youth to guard monkey sanctuary against bushfire

25 December 2013

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Ghana — Mr Henry Esson, Nkoranza Municipal Assistant Fire Officer has urged the youth of Boabeng and Fiema and the catchment communities to guard the Monkey Sanctuary in the area against bushfires because the natural resource was a great asset to the country.

He appealed to the management of the Nkoranza Municipal and North District Assemblies to offer the necessary support and encouragement to the local fire volunteers in the communities to encourage them to combat bushfires.

Mr Esson made the call when he addressed a meeting of the Nkoranza Municipal Anti – Bushfire Committee at Nkoranza, where issues discussed included efforts to help protect bushfires in the communities during the harmattan.

He expressed concern about how bushfires had become an annual practice and activity among the people, and urged the committee to be pro-active and ensure strict adherence of the by-laws that governed bushfires.

Mr Esson complained about lack of motivation to the fire volunteers, and said that had made some of them to refuse serving the communities.

He called on the Assemblies to provide the necesary logsitics such as machetes and wellington boots to the volunteers, to encourage them to fight fire disasters.

Mr Evans Osei–Worae, Nkoranza Municipal NADMO Co-ordinator called for the collaborative efforts of officials from the Town and Country Planning Department, the Environmental Health Division, Water and Sanitation Agency and the Ghana National Fire Service, in managing disasters in the country.

He cautioned the youth against group hunting, and the pollution of river bodies with poisonous chemicals to catch fish, and advised the Zonal NADMO co-ordinators to intensify their education to the people.

Mr Osei-Worae advised palmwine tappers and farmers to be careful about the manner in which they handle fire, in order not to cause bushfires to destroy property and the environment.

He urged traditional rulers, religious leaders and assembly members, to join in the education against bushfires to protect lives and property in the communities. GNA

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