Military Helicopter Crashes In Eastern China, Causing Forest Fire

Military Helicopter Crashes In Eastern China, Causing Forest Fire

12 December 2013

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China — Around 7pm on Dec. 12, a military helicopter crashed in Anji County of eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, causing a large forest fire, according to official Chinese reports. The county government launched contingency plan for major emergencies immediately.

The pilot hasn’t been found, according to the local official news website Zhejiang Online. No death or injury toll has been officially reported.

A large number of local residents posted online that they heard “a loud bang” soon after the incident. “It sounded like an explosion. I just saw an airplane passed! Was that a bomb!” A netizen posted on Baidu forum, one of China’s largest Internet platforms.

The Public Security Bureau of Anji County of Zhejiang immediately published an announcement about the “loud bang”, alerting people not to speculate the incident before the facts are known, and warning people not to come to the nearby areas to avoid heavy traffic.

The office director at Anji Third hospital indicates that there have been local residents sent to the hospital for emergency treatment due to the crash, according to an official local news website, Qianjiang Evening News Online.

“Anji Third Hospital is so crowded now. Doctors have gone to the accident site now. Please don’t go to the accident site, and let’s leave the way out for ambulances.” A local resident netnamed Hangzhou FengYtou posted on Sina Weibo, a twitter-like platform, two hours after the aircrash.

The rescue effort is still undergoing and the cause of the accident is still under investigation, Chinese official reports say.

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