Fires destroy 87 hectares of Armenian forests

Fires destroy 87 hectares of Armenian forests

12 December 2013

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Armenia — This year fires have destroyed only 87 hectares of forests, the chief forester of a state non-profit organization Hayantar (Armenian Forest) Ruben Petrosyan told a news conference today.

He said when compared with previous years the damage caused by fires this year is relatively small.

He said that most of forest fires in Armenia happen in autumn, not in summer, the hottest season.
In ten years fires burned approximately 2,500 hectares of forest areas, he said.

He also said 768 trees were illegally cut in Armenia from January to October 2013, down from 32,000 recorded illegal loggings in 2004, 1,488 in 2011 and 1,320 in 2012.

He said the fine for illegal logging ranges from about 20,000 drams to $1,500 for a single tree depending on its type and diameter. . ($ 1 – 404.84 drams)..-0-

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