Kintampo MCE Warns Against Bush Fires At 29th Farmers Day Celebration

Kintampo MCE Warns Against Bush Fires At 29th Farmers Day Celebration

11 December 2013

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Ghana — The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Kintampo North, Mr Micheal Justice Baffoe, has warned people who cause bush fires in the Kintampo municipal to desist from the act.

Mr Baffoe was speaking on the theme “Reducing Post-Harvest Losses for Sustainble Food Security and Nutrition” at the 29th edition of the Farmers Day Celebration in Asantekwa, a farming community close to Kintampo, attracting thousands of people.

The MCE underscored the destructive effects of bush fires on farmlands, crops and other property, ordering that burning of bush, tapping of palm win and burning for game should cease forthwith.

He appealed to the people to be good ambassadors of anti-bush fires to ensure food security and bumper harvest in the municipal.

He also used the opportunity to congulate the illustrious men and women of the area for opting to “till the land to provide nourishment for our bodies”.

The Director of Food and Agriculture, Mr Dennis Abugri Amenga, acknowledged the positive contribution of farmers in the area for making Kintampo municipal a food basket for the entire country, urging the farmers not to rest on their oars but to continue to work hard to realise food security.

Mr Abugri disclosed that already 2 farmers from the area have joined 20 others in Abesim, a town close to Suyani, to Receive Regional Best Farmer Awards for mango and mashroom farming for the year.

The director used the occasion to thank organitions like Wofa Addo Agro Chemicals, Techiman; Sky 3 Farms, Kintampo and ADVANCE, an American non-governmental organisation, for always supporting and donating generously to the good cause of the farmers’ day programme.

Several food items including yam, plantain, cassava, maize, rice, and banana together with goats, guinea pigs, guinea fowls, turkeys, ducks among other animals were exhibited.

A startling revelation was the display of a 3 year old cock belonging to Mr Kofi Nsiah from Nyabea, near Kintampo. According to Mr Nsiah, the mother hen of the cock was still alive at the age of 5. In an interview later with Mr Joseph Yelbora, an agricultural officer, in the municipal, he said the secret behind the phenomenon is that the local farmers in the outskirt do not introduce foreign breed into their local counterparts which otherwise would have the propensity of infesting newcastle disease.

Officers from the Municipal Health Insurance Scheme also came in handy to provide a promotional health parkage for farmers in appreciation of their hard work in the area, and as a result, several people were enrolled onto the scheme.

Mr Bayiwechi Baawowe, a native of Ebenezer, near Kintampo, was adjudged the Best Farmer in the municipal, taking home a Royal motor bike, including a knapsack sprayer, 5 cutlasses, 4 bars of key soap, 3 litres of weedicides, 6 bags of fertilezer and a radio set.

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