American National Educates Clients About Fire Mitigation Techniques

American National Educates Clients About Fire Mitigation Techniques

12 November 2013

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USA — Earlier this summer, as the effects of wildfires were being felt throughout the western United States, American National made a concerted effort to educate its clients about the importance and effectiveness of fire mitigation. This effort made a significant difference as the wildfires raged, preventing numerous homes and properties from sustaining major damage.

Fire mitigation involves, among other things, reducing the amount of natural vegetation surrounding a piece of property. Though it sounds simple, clearing dense shrubbery and removing trees dramatically helps to protect the structures on a piece of property from being engulfed in flames. To ensure mitigation efforts are as effective as possible, American National specifically requests that clients who reside in areas at high risk for wildfires follow their state forestry service’s official guidelines when clearing a defensible space around their property.

“Requiring our clients to take fire mitigation efforts isn’t always popular. It takes time, money and effort. But it’s the right thing to do,” said James Gillette, senior vice president, actuarial services at American National. “Our agents have a history of working closely with homeowners to help them prepare for the worst. Clients have reported back to us instances where firefighters have told them that the only reason their house was still standing was because of their mitigation efforts. We encourage all homeowners to take mitigation measures for their homes.”

In Colorado, American National’s fire mitigation program was put to the test as the Black Forest Fire raged through the state. Fire crews are often forced to prioritize which homes they will try to save when wildfires loom nearby – and that decision is often based on the extent of mitigation on that property.

Robert Edgin, an American National agent in Colorado, reported two different occasions where local fire departments told clients the only reason they still had a home was because of fire mitigation efforts. “One client sent me a picture showing the scorched earth right up to their mitigation line. Even where the fire did burn on their property, the trees were all limbed up, which kept the fire on the ground and gave the fire crews the ability to fight the fire and save the home.” It was also reported that firefighters were able to use two different mitigated properties as their bases of operation – and they were also able to use them to build fire lines to protect the respective neighborhoods.

Particularly in the Black Forest fire, American National’s dedication to helping clients understand and complete fire mitigation techniques made a difference in many lives. Edgin says, “Of all of our clients who mitigated and took the time and made those efforts, we only had one actual total loss in the Black Forest Fire – out of 500 homes.”

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