Crowdfunding for firefighters – Help us give a snagger tool to every firefighter in North America

Crowdfunding for firefighters – Help us give a snagger tool to every firefighter in North America

11 November 2013

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Canada — Snagger Tools is announcing a crowdfunding campaign ( to make firefighting safer by distributing our innovative tool to Fire Departments that need it most. The Snagger Tool is the Swiss Army knife of firefighting; providing a quick and accessible solution to problems firefighters face on the ground every day. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to provide as many Snagger Tools to Fire Departments as possible, with one being donated for every $85 raised.

What makes the Snagger Tool valuable is its ability to handle a variety of tasks, from handling hoses on ladders to breaking tempered glass, while being lightweight and readily available in a pocket at all times. In doing so, the firefighter can be prepared for multiple challenges that arise while lowering workplace injuries.

The initial prototype was developed in 2007 by Luke Geleynse, a firefighter who saw the need to develop a safer way to handle ‘charged’ hose, since the design has been refined and is now being crafted out of non-conductive extruded aluminum. Luke explains his inspiration here “Our goal was simple, as part of a busy volunteer Fire Department, we wanted to equip our firefighters with tools that would help them do their jobs more efficiently, and safely.” Following the success of the Snagger Tool within several departments, we want to raise awareness and distribute the tool more widely.

While the Snagger Tool is a simple and cost-effective answer to many challenges, Fire Departments are under budget constraints that prevent them from making bulk purchases. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will allow Snagger Tools to train and equip many firefighters, helping to make a dangerous job safer. For individuals or organizations interested in donating to the campaign, you can decide which city, Fire Department or individual will receive the tools you sponsored. To learn more about this initiative, or to donate please visit and

About Snagger Tools

Snagger Tools was developed in 2007 to help make handling fire hoses safer and more efficient. Since, the tool has been re-engineered to be lightweight aluminum and has been tested by numerous firefighters in a wide range of challenging situations. Snagger Tools has launched a crowdfunding campaign ( to help raise awareness and equip firefighters across the continent with this simple and effective tool.

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