Fire in the USA in 21 images

 Fire in the USA in 21 images

17 October 2013

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USA — In this week’s episode of Fault Lines, the Fault Lines team follows the 2013 wildfire season, heading west to chase the flames as they spread. But the history of America’s fires and firefighting has existed throughout centuries, constantly changing as communities grow, climates fluxate, and as new technologies are devleoped and new policies are set. These are portraits of a poriton of that history. See collection below:


Firemen with new fire wagon, Santa Ana, 1891
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Horseshoe Meadows Hotshot takes a short breather at the Rim Fire. The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest in California began on Aug. 17, 2013.
At the time of this photo the fire had consumed approximately 237,341 acres.U.S.
Forest Service,Photographer: Mike Mcmillan

Photograph of a Fire Partially Under Control After the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
The U.S. National Archives

Bunk houses burning at Dontan and Hendersons Mill at Pablo, Montana.
The U.S. National Archives

Ruins of Richmond Virginia. During the Civil War, as the fall of Petersburg became imminent,President Davis, his Cabinet, and the Confederate defenders abandoned Richmond, fled south and to set fire to the cities bridges, armory, and warehouses with supplies as they left to prevent Union Troops from benefiting from taking the city. Union troops put out the raging fires in the city. The event became known as the Evacuation Fire of 1865.
U.S. National Archives’, Photographer: Brady, Mathew, 1823 (ca.) – 1896

Firefighters at a forest fire near Shoshone Point. Shows Army Surplus pumpers and trucks. May 10, 1947U.S.
National Park Service, Photographer: Eden

The Barney Pasture Fire in 1946. The cliffs in the foreground are the west wall of Oak Creek Canyon. The San Francisco Peaks are in the right background.
USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest,Photographer: O. B. Noonan.

In August, 1973 a major forest fire swept through 17,470 acres of the western slopes of the Sierra Mountain Range near Sonora. Trees still burn on fringe of cleared area. This part of the burn area is called “granite fire”,
U.S. National Archives’, Photographer: O’Rear, Charles

Infra-red aerial of burn area shows extensive damage to vegetation.
U.S. National Archives, Photographer: O’Rear, Charles, 1941

Smokey Bear demonstrates the safe way to camp out and “Prevent Forest Fires.”

Southern Plains and Comanche Type 2 Initial Attack Crews and an Engine Crew work together to extinguish underground smoldering fires in roots or buried tree limbs, using a variety of hand tools and fire suppressing foam, during the Beaver Creek Fire, west of Hailey, ID, on Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013.
USDA, Photographer: Lance Cheung


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