Forest fire rages in north Lebanon

Forest fire rages in north Lebanon

13 September 2013

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Lebanon — TRIPOLI, Lebanon: A forest fire broke out in two northern villages Friday and threatened homes, prompting municipalities to call on the Lebanese Army to help in fire-fighting efforts.

The fire erupted Friday morning near the villages of Sindyaneh and Ayyat and is expanding near homes, prompting residents to appeal for aid.

Civil Defense trucks and fire fighters were unable to reach the valley where the fire is concentrated, the National News Agency reported.

The absence of water sources in the area is exacerbating the problem, particularly due to the small size of local water tanks, the state-run media added.

Members of the Ayyat and Sindyanhe municipalities called on the Army to dispatch one of their helicopters to assist in extinguishing the fire.

The Army said Friday it extinguished several forest fires that occurred across the country with the help of Civil Defense personnel.

In a statement, the military said the fires erupted in the outskirts of Majdalya, Alma Shaab, Tora, Arsoun, Deir al-Haref, Al-Ghaboun, Mishref, al-Meeneyeh, Beit Shabeib and Ain Saadeh.

The fire destroyed an estimated 200 dunums of trees and land.

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