EU sends fire-fighting aircraft to douse forest fires in Bosnia-Herzegovina

EU sends fire-fighting aircraft to douse forest fires in Bosnia-Herzegovina

23 August 2013

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Bosnia and Herzegovina — The European Commission Emergency Response Center (ERC) is providing assistance to extinguish forest fires in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Two fire-fighting aircraft, offered by Croatia, are on their way to the affected area, the European Commission said in a press release on Friday.

Assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been provided to Bosnia and Herzegovina also in the beginning of August, when forest fires raged in that country.

The situation is most critical in the municipal area of Jablanica, west of Sarajevo, where the fires are out of control. The state of natural disaster caused by wildfires was declared for the municipality.

The national authorities have already deployed significant fire-fighting capacities, including military forces. However, high temperatures are driving the fireline expanding towards a nearby settlement in the Donja Jablanica area.

In spite of helicopter operation in the past two days, fire in Slatina area is still expanding rapidly down the slopes of Okorusa Hill towards a settlement and the second direction of expansion is down the slope towards the regional road M-16-2, with a possible expansion towards a hydel-power plant in Jablanica.

The burning heat is currently affecting the entire Balkan Region, elevating the risk of forest fires.

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