Forest fire brought under control

Forest fire brought under control

09 August 2013

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Austria — Fire-fighters pent all last night (Thurs) and continued into today to try and bring a forest fire under control in the Wiener Neustadt area.

The fire service were on high alert after 20 hectares of forest set on fire between Wiener Neustadt and Weikersdorf.

The fire was brought under control in the night but firemen continued to work throughout the night.

This morning helicopters and fire fighting planed were launched again to fight the fires.

Fire chief Franz Wöhrer said: “We are all working together to make sure all areas are covered. the assistance from the air is important as it helps us see the whole picture.

The increasing winds on Friday are causing problems.

Wöhrer said: “We are concerned the embers could be blown about and start more fires. The area is so large we are worried it could set fire to areas which were not on fire before. We have to prevent this and make sure everything remains under control.

The work continues this afternoon (Friday)

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