Wildfire in Greece’s Attica prefecture under control

Wildfire in Greece’s Attica prefecture under control

03 August 2013

published by www.china.org.cn

Greece — A wildfire which broke out on Friday threatening two seaside resorts in eastern Attica prefecture was put under control by Saturday noon, and three men were arrested for starting it due to negligence, the Fire Brigade announced.

The blaze burnt woodland and damaged houses, warehouses and greenhouses before being contained by firefighters. Dozens of men assisted by two water-bombing aircraft and two helicopters are still deployed in the sparsely inhabited area about 30 km from Athens, for the fear of rekindling as strong winds are blowing.

Meanwhile,three workers who were renovating a store in the area are to be brought before a prosecutor later on Saturday accused for starting the fire. According to police sources, they defied warnings issued by local authorities on Friday against use of machinery which could start fire.

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