Caylym’s Guardian Aerial Firefighting System adopted by the Romanian Air Force

Caylym’s Guardian Aerial Firefighting System adopted by the Romanian Air Force

01 August 2013

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Romania / USA — This week California-based Caylym Technologies began shipping their Guardian aerial firefighting systems to the Romanian Air Force. This order is destined to support the European Union Civil Protection Mission employing the C-27J Spartan aircraft.

“After nine years of extensive development and testing the Guardian System was certified by Alenia last November. We are very pleased to see the adoption of our system in Europe,” said Rick Goddard, Managing Director of Caylym Technologies. The Romanian Air Force and Italian aircraft maker Alenia Aermacchi who produces the versatile C-27J Spartan cargo plane conducted the certification jointly.

Caylym is based in the central valley of California where they also assemble the Guardian aerial firefighting system. It is not without irony that only 40 miles away the latest California fire, named the Aspen Fire, has already burned over 11,000 acres and yet Caylym is sending their aerial firefighting system halfway around the world to Romania. When asked about this Mr. Goddard smiled and said, “Early last year Alenia and the Romanian government saw the potential in fighting fires using the Guardian System and contacted us. After a series of tests and certification trials, Alenia became the first manufacturer to certify the Guardian in one of its aircraft. The Romanian Air Force will use this capability locally and intends to support the European Union’s aerial firefighting mission. When the final units arrive, we will be sending our training team over to Romania to conduct expanded training with both ground and air crews.”

Each Guardian unit is a specialized corrugated paper container that holds over 260 gallons of water or retardant. Depending on the type of aircraft, six to sixteen containers are dropped from the rear ramp of the aircraft in succession opening in mid-air, creating a soaking rain that covers the target. Most rear-loading cargo planes can safely and accurately drop the Guardian from 800 – 1,000 feet above the ground.

“We are currently in talks with two major cargo aircraft manufacturers and several individual countries on certifying our system to be used on their aircraft to combat wildfires,” said Garrett Miller who leads the sales and marketing team. “What is so universally appealing about the Guardian System is that it requires no aircraft modification to be used to attack wildfires. Also, since most crews are already trained on Container Delivery System (CDS) dropping techniques, there is familiarity with how to effectively employ the Guardian. Many of these countries recognize that they already operate aircraft that can immediately begin to serve in the effort to fight these deadly wildfires. Our goal is to see the Guardian join with the existing resources nationally and internationally to help preserve life, property, and resources.”

The patented Guardian System is produced and assembled in the U.S. of only biodegradable/recyclable materials.

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