Haze update: All school activities cancelled for June

Haze update: All school activities cancelled for June

22 June 2013

published by www.straitstimes.com

Singapore — AS THE haze worsened, the Ministry of Education (MOE) informed schools yesterday to cancel all activities for the rest of the June vacation, which ends at the end of the month.

The cancellation covers activities held indoors as well.

Further action could be taken “should the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index level continue in the very unhealthy range over the next few days”, the ministry said in response to queries from The Straits Times.

However, it would take guidance from the Inter-Agency Haze Task Force on the need for such action, its spokesman said.

Some schools like Nanyang Primary have already taken action.

It stopped all outdoor and indoor physical activities this week, and a staff excursion for next week has been postponed.

Its principal Lee Hui Feng said the school will “respond accordingly” to the advisories from the authorities.

While it is the mid-year break for those in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, polytechnics and universities, parents are still sending their young ones to childcare centres.

Several childcare centres, such as EtonHouse and Modern Montessori, said that they continue to stay open to support working parents.

But they have taken precautionary measures since Monday, they said. These include cancelling outdoor activities, closing windows and doors, and stepping up health checks.

Branch director of Generation Kidz@Limau Alice Ow said play equipment such as skipping ropes and balls have been taken indoors, and an excursion to the museum put on hold.

NTUC First Campus, one of Singapore’s main childcare providers, said: “A communications plan is in place to ensure that parents are informed promptly should centre closure advisories be given by the authorities.”

Said student coordinator Siti Fadzila Muzopar, 29, whose three-year-old son attends Jude Childcare and Child Development Centre in Pasir Ris: “I put a mask over my son’s face and that is the best I can do because I need to go to work.”

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