New fire trucks are spotted at BTC fire drill

New fire trucks are spotted at BTC fire drill

20 June 2013

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Bahamas — With the increasing numbers of bush fires and other fire related disasters taking place, local businesses such as Bahamas Telecommunications Ltd. (BTC) are taking the necessary precautions to ensure a safe exit in case of a property fire.

Yesterday morning, staff and faculty at the BTC downtown location on MacKenzie Street took part in a fire drill, which was administered to them by the Royal Bahamas Police Fire Branch … with their new fire trucks.

Emrick Seymour, Assistant Commissioner of Police, said, “Every week we have some type of evacuation drill in place or some type of fire safety inspection and if your company would like to have an evacuation drill in case of a fire and would like input from the Fire Department we will accompany you.”

He added, “You can call us and we are more than happy to assist

the general public in giving tips and letting persons know what they did right, where they went wrong and what they need to improve.”

The Fire Department has also assisted local summer camps, as well as Urban Renewal in fire drills and fire safety lectures.

Seymour said, “We come and we do lectures with you, we show you how to set up evacuation drills and an evacuation plan for your company and then we test you and your employees to ensure proper understanding.

“Every company should have an evacuation plan in place in case there’s a fire, that’s the most important part is getting persons out in case of an emergency.”

Seymour highlighted that the goal is to sensitize the country when it comes to fire safety and the Fire Department is achieving that goal by administering 3-4 fire drills a week at several different companies.

“We work for the people and our job is to ensure their safety in case of emergency. However it is also good that persons working in these establishments know the basics about fire safety and how to react, what to do if a fire happens.

“In order to request our services, you would have to contact the Commissioner of Police, Emrick Seymour and he will then notify us. We have all the equipment to train your staff and help those companies that are in need of one,” said Seymour.

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