Crews on alert with grass fires

Crews on alert with grass fires

07 June 2013

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United Kingdom — FIRE crews have been tackling a spate of grass fires across South West Wales.

Blazes were reported in Gorseinon, Clydach, along with Garnant in Carmarthenshire.

Firefighters were also called after fire ripped through one hectare of grass at Crynant Common in the Dulais Valley at 10.26pm on Wednesday night and remained on scene until after midnight.

Checks were carried out by the Severn Sisters crew on Tuesday night.

Following expert advice from wild fire officers the crew allowed the fire to burn overnight before the blaze was reassessed yesterday morning.

It finally burned itself out between 9.30am and 10am.

A fire spokesman said: “The fire was allowed to burn during the night.

“We were first called to Crynant Common at 10.26pm on Wednesday night and we were there until just after 12.30am and then the fire engine came away.

“We have been carrying out reassessments as we’ve allowed the fire to burn. We carried out an inspection at 6.52am yesterday morning and we will do another one at 8.30am. I believe just over one hectare of grass was affected.”

He added: “We have wild fire officers specialised in grass fires on scene.

“They carried out an assessment on Wednesday night and because of the direction in which the fire was burning they were happy to let it burn.”

He said the site was away from people’s homes but they had received a number of calls from the public alerting them to the blaze.

“The fire is in a place where people can see the fire and we are still getting calls,” he said.

“People can call us by all means.

“We are aware of the fire and we have had crews and people in attendance throughout.

“It burnt itself out between 9.30am and 10am.”

He said dealing with the fire in the daylight helped them and further inspections were planned. He added there had been a spate of fires in different parts of South West Wales.

“We have had small grass fires in Gorseinon, Clydach and there was also a fire in Garnant,” he said.

“There have been a couple of similar incidents with the weather as it is.”

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