OMR forest fire threatens peacocks

OMR forest fire threatens peacocks

06 June 2013

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India — Chennai: Mysterious forest fire engulfed almost 100 acres of forestland in Kaiyar village near OMR, the village that is known for its peacock population was subjected to threat due to the forest fire.

The villagers blame on unknown anti socials, who they say had torched the forest a year back. The forest which is spanning almost 500 acres is rich in birds and snakes, the forest fire has not only threatened the wildlife but the also life of nearby villages who now live with the fear of snake entering their village.

“The snakes are averse to fire and smoke, we are afraid that it might have migrated into our villages, the forest fires are unusual, police should take swift action to nab the accused,” said K. Kala, a villager. Meanwhile the joint initiative of the forest department and the locals saved several acres of land.

“We along with 50 forest guards and almost 500 villagers sprang into action, the fire started around night 8.PM and we were able to control the fire only at mid night thanks to the relentless efforts of the villagers,” said an official. The forest officials also added that though several trees were burned down in the fire, none of the peacock was caught in the inferno.

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