Forest fires remain active in Quintana Roo

Forest fires remain active in Quintana Roo

17 May 2013

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Mexico — Fire sweeping large areas of shrubs and jungles.

“Yes, we have six fires that we are taking care of with CONAFOR, municipal and the state government, the most important and complex is the one in Tunich,” said Gabriel Medina, director of Protection and Forestry Development Institute of Quintana Roo (INFOQRO).

Forest Institute of Quintana Roo reported Tuesday that there are six active fires in Tunich Ha, Solidaridad, El Catzín, in the municipality of Othon P. White, Salsipuedes, the Kilometer 55, the Kilometer 11 and Huaymil in Bacalar, the last one threatens the forest reserve Sianaa Kaan Biosphere.

However, the fire has spread to other areas of the state, which even exceeds the area affected by the fire in Tunich Ha, considered until last week as the largest in the country with 1,900 hectares burned.

“We have fires that are awaiting for resources such as Cerro Reforma in Bacalar, we have that fire affecting a fairly large area, in the order of a thousand hectares,” highlighted Gabriel Medina.

CONAFOR elements, the Navy, the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), Federal Police (PF), Civil Protection (CP) and other units, with three helicopters and heavy machinery are fighting the fires.

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