50 forest steppe fires lit in April

50 forest steppe fires lit in April

01 May 2013

published by www.ubpost.mongolnews.mn

Mongolia — Emergency management authorities have reported that 50 forest steppe fires broke out across the nation in April. The fires occurred in a number of soums and were largely caused by human activity, resulting in damages to private property and wildlife habitat.

A fire broke out at the winter campsite of a herder residing in Erdenetsagaan soum’s Bulshin River area, resulting in a burn covering four hectares of land. Another 12,400 hectares of land caught fire in Tumentsogt soum when the daughter of a herder disposed of ash in an open space. Improper ash disposal also resulted in the burning of 40 hectares of land at Tsagaan Gorkhi in Batshireet soum of Khentii Province.

A fire in Nomgon town in Saikhan soum of Selenge Province occurred when sparks from the chimney of a ger set fire to a herder’s winter campsite. The fire spread over 150 hectares of land in the Salkhit Uul area.

Emergency management departments of the provinces were able to extinguish the fires, but only after the fires caused significant damage.

The National Emergency Management Agency is warning herders and visitors to forest steppe areas to be careful and properly dispose of ash and cigarette butts.

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