Wildfire Safe, Sound and Code Smart initiative kicks off in U.S.

Wildfire Safe, Sound and Code Smart initiative kicks off in U.S.

26 April 2013

published by www.firechief.com

USA — IAWF is excited to be partnering with the National Resource and Conservation Council, the International Code Council, the National Institute of Standards and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in implementing this new effort. Public education and awareness programs such as Firesafe, Firesmart, Firewise, Firefree and Ready, Set, Go play a vital role in reducing the risk of WUI fires by educating communities where potential hazards exist and steps to minimize them. Adoption and enforcement of a WUI code also plays a critical role in WUI fire mitigation, strategically complementing existing WUI fire prevention programs.

Several public awareness programs effectively work to educate communities about ways to prevent wildfires and/or deal with them once they’ve started. But there are currently no systemized, widespread initiatives to proactively increase adoption and enforcement of WUI building safety codes, which would serve as a critical element for mitigating the nation’s growing WUI fire problem.

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