A fourth volunteer firefighting unit has been established

A fourth volunteer firefighting unit has been established

26 April 2013

published by www.af.mil

Israel — KKL-JNF invests extensive resources in the preservation and care of forests throughout Israel, for which forest fires are an ever-present threat. In the wake of the Carmel Fire and the realization that residents have a major role to play in forest conservation, KKL-JNF, in conjunction with the Emergency, Fire and Rescue Services, has initiated a new project that includes the establishment of volunteer firefighting units. On Wednesday April 17th, at Beit Shemesh Fire Station, the nine volunteers of the newest firefighting unit celebrated the completion of their training with a special ceremony.

So far around one hundred volunteers have undergone training, and are now active in three units: one is located in Karmei Yosef, a community adjacent to Yaar HaMeginim-Nahshon (“The Defenders-Nahshon Forest”), another is in Kfar Habad, and the third unit, which is responsible for protecting Ben Shemen Forest, is that of the Modiin District Regional Council. All were trained by the Ayalon Fire Station.

The volunteer firefighting unit of Moshav Mesilat Zion

More about the establishment of the Mesilat Zion Volunteer Firefighting Unit

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