Phukradung National Park forest fire doused

Phukradung National Park forest fire doused

13 April 2013

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Thailand — Firefighters successfully extinguished a forest fire on Phukradung mountain in this northeastern province.

Titsak Suriyachaiwattana, head of Phukradung National Park said, firefighters worked tirelessly through the night to control the blaze in the pine forest.

At least, 70 acres (175 rai) of wooded forest areas have been burned. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

It is initially believed that the hot and dry weather with temperatures as high as 31 degrees Celsius on Wednesday may have caused the fire. Other possible reasons for the blaze might be poachers setting a fire to force wildlife animals to flee, or a cooking fire which accidentally set fire to its surroundings, or which had been abandoned without being put out properly.

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