Major forest blaze in eastern now under control

Major forest blaze in eastern now under control

10 April 2013

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Libya — Tripoli – A massive fire fighting operation, mounted by a coalition of Libyan, Italian and British operatives, has brought the devastating forest fire in Libya’s mountainous region of Ras Al-Hialal under control, the Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan, told a news conference here Monday.

He said the fire that broke out two days earlier devastated hundreds of acres of woodland in the region but that authorities used fire-fighting planes to put out the fire because fire fighting vehicles could not access the mountain.

According to him, Libya was helped by Italy, which deployed three planes, and Britain which sent fire fighters from its base in Cyprus.

Zeidan said Italian oil company, Eni, had agreed to meet part of the cost of the operation.

The Civil Protection Department and the Libyan Agricultural Police report extensive damage caused by fire in the forest.

The department also called for the provision of bush fire control vehicles, among other facilities, to enable authorities deal with bush fire ‘during this period of high temperatures in the region’.

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