Forest fire spreads in 3 square km near Jeita

Forest fire spreads in 3 square km near Jeita

02 April 2013

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Lebanon — BEIRUT — A forest fire broke out near Jeita Grotto and Civil Defense crews worked to battle the blaze, the National News Agency reported Monday.

The fire spread near the Jeita Country Club and was estimated to cover 3 square kilometers.

The NNA reported the cause of the fire was faulty electrical wiring but that the club was not at risk from the blaze.

The fire came after a dust storm swept across much of the country this weekend, reducing visibility and blanketing everything in brown.

Lebanon’s fire season typically comes during the summer, but the end of this winter has been particularly dry.

Despite bad visibility, flights schedules at the Rafik Hariri International Airport were not disrupted, the NNA reported.

The Civil Aviation Department said that the dust storm would recede as Monday evening, giving way to lower temperatures and rain Tuesday.

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