02 March 2013

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USA — Precision Container Aerial Delivery System ( PCADS) is a unique and innovative aerial delivery system. PCADS primary operation allows airdropping of suppression media on wildfires. Airdropping allows immediate and accurate response by an airdrop capable platform to extinguish wild land fires 24/7. PCADS has been designed to be used by US Air National Guard (USANG) and US Air Force Reserve units (USAFR) in support of existing aerial fire fighting mission requirements for wildfires. PCADS is designed to disassemble upon air stream impact creating a “rain” effect of the media to extinguish wild fires.

How does it work?

PCADS consists of a 1 ton bulk liquid package that disperses liquid media onto a specific target from 300+ ft Above Ground Level (AGL). The system requires no modifications to the airframe and is deployed using standard Container Delivery System (CDS) procedures during air drop operations. The system can drop up 3,800-12,000 gallons of suppression media onto a wildfire to extinguish flames. All residual debris is 100% biodegradable.

PCADS Fast Facts:

FAI’s PCADS is the ONLY liquid containing aerial delivery (AD) system that is approved and certified by the USAF. PCADS is a safe, effective and proven tool. PCADS is ready for Fire Fighting Operations and Deployment Worldwide.

PCADS has been designed to be a multi-function tool for its users, aerial fire fighting is the primary application. Secondary applications for PCADS have been tested as well; including oil spill response, homeland security and threat suppression.

Patented technology – FAI holds three US Patents related to PCADS



  • Anytime, Anywhere PCADS™ can be set-up and deployed from any cargo airframe that has a rear ramp
  • No need to modifiy standard airframes
  • Easy to transport – empty or full
  • 100% Bio-Degradable
  • 500 Ft + AGL
  • Cost Effective

Since 2004, Flexible Alternatives, Inc. (FAI) and The Boeing Company, Phantom Works
have been developing and testing PCADS with various US Government Agencies,
including: US ARMY, US Forest Service, US Air National Guard,
Congress and State Governments.

PCADS Units being deployed.


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