Viridian PyroGuard ideal for protecting homes against bushfire threat

Viridian PyroGuard ideal for protecting homes against bushfire threat

22 February 2013

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Australia — With bushfire season upon us, homeowners, builders and renovators are conscious about choosing materials that will protect their homes and meet the strict Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) standards that were introduced after the Black Saturday fires in 2009.

Australia’s largest glass manufacturer, Viridian , has specifically engineered Viridian PyroGuard 40™ bushfire resistant glass – a specially processed insulated glass unit.

When PyroGuard 40™ is used in a tested window system that has passed the requirements of AS1530.8.1-2007, it is suitable to be used in buildings in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 40.

Viridian residential marketing manager Justin Jays said, “Designed to meet the standards demanded in high risk, bushfire prone areas, PyroGuard 40™’s ultra thin transparent coating helps protect the interior of a building by minimising the extreme flow of radiated heat through the windows providing greater protection during bushfires.

“Installing Viridian PyroGuard 40™ overcomes the need to use bushfire resistant shutters or metal screens on windows, allowing homeowners to improve the safety of their home without sacrificing their views or the look of their home.”

The bushfire resistant glass is a purpose designed insulated glass unit that has the added benefits of increasing the thermal performance of the home for improved comfort and increased energy savings all year round.


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