Wildfire Prevention and Environmental Awareness Through New Hollywood film

Wildfire Prevention and Environmental Awareness Through New Hollywood film

19 February 2013

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USA — An alarming rise of elephant slayings along with an unprecedented outbreak of wildfires prompted gifted film director Eric Schwab,(second unit director of Mission Impossible) to write and direct his new dove seal film, My Lucky Elephant, which showcases the importance of maintaining wildlife and living harmoniously with it.

“I was looking to make a real world adventure that showed the beauty, the power and uniqueness of life in harmony with nature that will amaze and have people appreciate all of nature.”

These epic concerns compelled him to shoot the film in the forests of Thailand where he witnessed beautiful wildlife and a culture of people who gracefully interacted with the creatures within their habitat.

During casting, Schwab saw that no bond was more graceful than the one between the two main characters in his film, a young boy and his best friend elephant named Lucky.

“It was breathtaking to see the interactions between the two. I knew that there was a special line of communication between the two that no one else could duplicate,” he said.

The bond was a surprise to Schwab, who opted to limit the volume of dialogue in the film to capture the nature at work between his two main characters.

In the movie, a seasonal drought causes Lucky and his boy companion to pursue the city for greener pastures. Once they arrive, the two quickly find out work in the city can be lucrative but dangerous. A couple of close encounters with police and ivory dealers lead them to a new home outside the city, where Lucky discovers he has a creative talent–.and becomes a master painter.

Despite a good living and a popular job both fought to maintain, the young boy faces the dilemma of keeping his loyal elephant around for his own personal needs, or to selflessly release it to start a family with his female companion.

A film set for kids of all ages, My Lucky Elephant is a film predicated on good values and an appreciation for Mother Nature. For more information on the movie, which will be available on DVD and VOD on Feb 26th, go to MyLuckyElephantMovie.com.


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