Costa Rica Campaign to Prevent Forest Fires

Costa Rica Campaign to Prevent Forest Fires

01 February 2013

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Costa Rica — lthough the slogan of the campaign is not very original, I hope that the implementation and results from the campaign are of the positive nature. As the grounds dry up in Costa Rica the danger of forest fires increases.

With the slogan “A Summer Without Wildfires”, the campaign to prevent forest fires was unveiled yesterday at the Presidential Palace. The campaign is being put into effect to reduce the incidence and number of hectares affected during fire season. The announcement was made by the president, Laura Chinchilla, the Environment Minister René Castro, and representatives of the National Wildland Fire (CONIFOR).

In Costa Rica, forest fires are generated 99% of the time by humans through carelessness, ignorance or mischief. Forest fires in Costa Rica affect soil resources, air quality, water sources, and biodiversity. The gas emissions from the fires contribute to the greenhouse effect and thus climate change.

The campaign “A Summer Without Wildfires”, has the support of Channel 7, Costarricense Radio Network and several local radio and television stations. It has developed different types of ads for different audiences. There will be artwork like posters, stickers, T-shirts, pins, and road signs. There will also be activities in educational books for schools that are located in areas where forest fires are most likely.

There will also be door to door visits in communities in those high risk zones. Each house will receive educational material.

I hate to be the negative Nancy in this article but unless these people are getting paid or get something in return for their work it is not going to happen. I know this from being in Costa Rica for a few years, why had the Costa Rican government not figured it out? They are going to be involved with this for a week maybe 2 at most and then it will fade away.

Costa Rica’s period of greatest risk and incidence of forest fires is between the months of January to May. this year the risk is supposed to be much higher due to the lack of rain.

In 2012 Costa Rica went through its worst wildfire season in the last five years, the affected area reached a total of 34,715.57 hectares throughout Costa Rica.

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