Bushfire Proof Power Lines

Bushfire Proof Power Lines

19 February 2013

published by www.seekingmedia.com.au

Australia —  The recent catastrophic bushfires in Australia have wrecked thousands of acres of land and destroyed not only the wildlife within them but the thousands of livestock on which our farmers are dependant.

This is all in addition to the loss of the bush itself and the timber within it. The total loss may run into millions, if not billions of dollars.

The local electric power utility is very conscious and concerned at the great losses being suffered by landholders because of the raging bushfires.

Though these may not be caused by the powerlines, the powerlines, themselves have suffered considerably . If power is lost, subscribers are powerless, rendering pumps and communications useless!

Some utilities have taken the initiative to immediately investigate and hopefully acquire the new “Unburnable” and fully insulating TITAN power pole!

Details of these new poles are available together with a summary of the exhaustive bushfire tests to which they have been subjected.

It appears the TITAN poles also have other advantages than just being fireproof! E.g. not subject to termites or funghi attack, no corrosion, higher strength/weight ratio, fully insulating.

These new bushfire proof poles have only recently been available and are being exported in large numbers to overseas countries.

The local Australian manufacturer in Victoria has offered to give priority to Australian utilities.


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