Heavy Smoke From Brush Fire Prompts Early Release at Carbullido Elementary

Heavy Smoke From Brush Fire Prompts Early Release at Carbullido Elementary

06 February 2013

published by www.pacificnewscenter.com

Guam — Students at Carbullido Elementary school were evacuated safely and sent home early after a fire scare caused the shutdown of school. Officials say a brush fire immediately behind the school sent smoke billowing through the campus forcing the evacuation of students.

Carbullido elementary school principal Agnes Guerrero says that at about 12:30 a fire broke out in a patch of jungle immediately behind the campus grounds. When smoke began to fill the hallways fire alarms were activated and students were evacuated. “We had the students and the teachers and faculty and staff come out and evacuate in the front part of the school and eventually to a nearby neighbor as you see right here,” said Guerrero.

Students waited on the lawn of a residents house while buses filed into the road to pick them up while others were released to their parents. Guerrero says no students were injured and everyone was evacuated safely. “We have everything under control and everyone’s safe and that is what really matters the most,” said Guerrero.

Barrigada Mayor June Blas was also on the scene lending her assistance, she believes the cause of the blaze may have been due to someone burning trash. “I went to investigate and found out that there was an area there that I don’t know maybe someone may have burned something and left it unattended so it kind of spread,” said Mayor Blas. The grass fire spread until it engulfed an old abandoned modular home. There are several homes behind the school’s campus but Blas says residents there don’t know what caused the fire. “They were not aware of who was the one who started that but of course the fire department will distinguish that and know after the investigation they will know who actually and where did it start,” said Mayor Blas.

GFD Lt. Ed Artero tells PNC it has been classified as a grass fire and GFD usually does not investigate the cause of grass fires if there is no property damage, injuries or loss of life.

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