Aerial Firefighting Europe > Aix-en-Provence, France > 10th-11th April 2013

Aerial Firefighting Europe > Aix-en-Provence, France > 10th-11th April 2013

05 February 2013

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France — Tackling Wildfires – Watch Live Aerial Firefighting demonstrations & learn about new techniques, technologies & platforms

Tangent Link is delighted to announce its 10th event in the world-leading Aerial Firefighting event series will return to Europe in 2013.

This conference and exhibition aimed at the Aerial Firefighting community will bring together international government procurement and operational officers, civil organisations, international manufacturers, operators and service providers to discuss and debate the latest techniques, technologies and platforms available to tackle the specific and persistent threat of wildfires.

The event will include a 1 ½ day conference, supporting exhibition, a static display of firefighting aircraft and live flying demonstrations.

We are honoured that France’s Academy for Fire, Rescue and Civil Protection Officers (ENSOSP) and the Aerodrome des Milles, Aix-en-Provence have offered to host this event at their facilities.


An aerial firefighting demonstration will be held nearby, with attendees watching from an elevated position with a panoramic view. It will enable spectators to observe the capabilities of the fixed and rotary-winged fleets of the Marignane region (which are responsible for all wildfire response in France) operating in a command and control, ground to air management, live wildfire scenario.

An S2-Tracker, CL-415i and DASH-8 Q400 are already confirmed to take part in the demonstration. They will be seen working in conjunction with ground firefighting elements.

Live commentary will take place during these demonstrations and transport will be provided.

Live Aerial Firefighting Demonstrations – OPPORTUNITIES TO TAKE PART

It is also possible for platform manufacturers and operators to take part in the live firefighting demonstrations. Please contact us for details.

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