Mizoram: Number of deaths due to fire incidents higher in 2012

19 November 2012

published by www.mizonews.net

India– The number of deaths due to fire incidents in Mizoram have gone up from 2 in 2011 to 9 this year.

As per record of Fire & Emergency Services, fire occurred at 34 houses in different parts of Mizoram, and there occurred forest fire 80 times, in which 2 lives had been lost, and 1 person left injured. The value of the materials lost due to the fire is estimated at Rs. 2, 29, 96,600/-.

From January to October this year, 152 fire incidents have already occurred, and forest fire occurred 107 times, claiming the lives of 9 persons and injuring 10. The worth of materials lost due to fire this year so far is estimated at Rs. 17,12,75,550/-.

With respect to house fire, there occurred fire incidents every month last year. However, there was no fire incident in July this year. As shown by record, there are most number of fire incidents in February; 76 fire incidents were reported only in one month; and the worth of materials and lands lost in the month of February is estimated at Rs. 9,21,03,000/-.

The main cause of fire incident is malfunctioning of electric current, followed by candle and others being left after lighting.



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