Threat of fires in Ili Alatau remains

Threat of fires in Ili Alatau remains

15 October 2012

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Kazakhstan–  There is still a threat of a forest fire breakout despite the recent downfall and a considerable temperature drop. Specialists believe that such a situation occurred due to hot summer and dry vegetation, which can catch fire at any time. The forecast states that this situation will change only in November. Meanwhile, services of KazAviaLesoOkhrana are organising air raids, which also involve staff of the Ile-Alatau state national park.

Toleugazy Seksenbayev, General Director, KazAviaLesoOkhrana:

“In average, the KazAviaLesoOkhrana is inspecting the territory worth 8.863 million hectares of forest. We are defining about 455 fires during the year. The forest territory equals to 4520 hectares and non-forest territory is 1125 hectares.”

During the aerial surveillance, staff of the department is defining fire sources and cases of infringement of environmental legislation, including poaching. For the first time ever the Ministry of Emergency Situation has started using the Ka-32 A11 BC innovative helicopter during aerial surveillance in mountains. The ministry purchased two such helicopters from Russia at the beginning of this year and now Kazakhstan crews received access to solo flights.

Sergei Korolkov, Deputy Commander, Kazaviaspas Helicopter Squadron, Kazakh Ministry of Emergency Situations:

“First of all, the weight of this helicopter is one tonne less than of those helicopters we are using now. For today, the best helicopters in our arsenal are Mi-8 MTV and Mi-8 AMT. Due to the fact that the weight of the helicopter is one tonne less and the engine power is the same, it is very simple to use it in mountains. Talking about the advantages, I would like to say that the influence of the beam wind and tail-wind is considerable, when you are flying Mi-8. In this case it is necessary to manipulate the helicopter in order to avoid a turn. This helicopter does not have such problems.”

Officials of the KazAviaLesoOkhrana say that the aerial surveillance of the mountain areas and the joined raids with staff of the national park will last until the beginning of November. The dangerous season will end when dead-wood is covered with snow.



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