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Namibia: Agricultural Union Worried About Fires

17 September 2012

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Namibia – THE Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) has expressed concern about the number of veld fires across the country.

According to the union, many farmers have suffered big losses because of veld fires.

Last week, a farmworker died after jumping from a bakkie during a fire-fighting operation in the Steinhausen area of the Omaheke Region. Yesterday, a farmer from the area, Achim von Hacht, said the fire was put out but a new fire was raging “next to it.

Thousands of hectares of grazing and fences were destroyed. Many animals also perished in last week’s fire.

The fire started on Stoetzer, the farm of Helmut Horsthemke. Close to 2 000 hectares of grazing were destroyed on his farm alone.

NAU urged farmers not to burn rubbish on hot, windy days as the fire can spread easily and cause a veld fire.

The union also advised people not to throw away cigarette butts in the veld and not to leave any open fire unattended.

The NAU also told farmers to dispose of hot ash and coals in a safe manner.




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