On the territory of the Ural FEDERAL DISTRICT apply 36 forest fires

On the territory of the Ural FEDERAL DISTRICT apply 36 forest fires

13 August 2012

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Russia– For a day by forest guard eliminated 53 natural fire in Kurgan, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk oblasts, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district. The 13 avvgusta correspondent BakuToday It was reported in the Department of forestry in the Ural Federal District.

On 13 August in the 10:00 of the Ural FEDERAL DISTRICT apply 36 forest fires. Area, fires a day, 4301 HA. Involved in extinguishing the 1541 people, including employees of the forest protection service, 1137 and 392 units of special equipment and 9 aircraft. The threat of economic objects and settlements. In the present difficult situation in forest fire fighting Chelyabinsk and Kurgan areas due to abnormal weather conditions (high temperatures, strong winds, dry thunderstorms). On the territory of Chelyabinsk oblast, there are 5 major forest fires in Kartalinskom and Oktyabrsky forestries, 3 natural fire localized in area of 642 HA. A fire continues to spread (r. Kartalinsky), its total area is 1700 HA. On putting out fires in the employed natural 483 and 137 units of special equipment. In the Kurgan oblast has one major wildfire in the forest area of the Kurgan. Area mined natural fire since its discovery (August 10, 2012 years) amounted to 3000 hectares. The extinguishing of forest fires in the region are human, 174 463 units of special equipment and 2 aircraft carrying out aviapatrulirovanie.

At this point in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation of the Ural FEDERAL DISTRICT apply 12 EMERGENCY regimes and 96 special fire regimes. In connection with the deterioration of the situation in the gorimyh agent is most parts of the subjects dealt with the question of the introduction of a municipal EMERGENCY regimes.

Since the beginning of the fire season 2012, in the Urals committed 6.558 forest fires on a total area of 237.384 hectares, of which forest-220.686 HA. Compared with the same period in year 2011 4.218 forest fires were reported on a total area of 86.728 hectares, including forest-80.118 HA.



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