Forest fires in Romania’s Bucegi Massif flare up again

Forest fires in Romania’s Bucegi Massif flare up again

06 August 2012

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Romania– Forest fires that started on July 15 in a protected area in Bucegi Massif in Romania and were almost entirely put out last week, flared up again on Saturday and Sunday (August 4 and 5 ), with the smoke visible in resorts in Prahova Valley.

According to Major Mihai Dragan, assistant of the chef of Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Prahova, the fires, which had continued to burn underground, burst out in two locations.

Prahova ISU representative said that on Saturday and Sunday four firefighters and four representatives of the Prahova Forestry Department intervened and put out the two fires.

By Sunday afternoon, fires were no longer visible, but experts say they could still be smoldering.

The fires started on July 15, caused by a lightning strike at an altitude of 1,700 meters in the Massif Bucegi, on land belonging to the Royal House of Romania, managed by Romsilva.

The fire extend over an area of 1,500 square meters, in a protected area, part of Abruptul Prahovean reserve.

In the last week smoldering fires continued to burn, the fire affecting the ground vegetation, remaining invisible until Saturday.



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