Greencastle Hill on Fire

 Greencastle Hill on Fire

08 June 2012

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Antigua and Barbuda — Antigua St John’s – Caribarena has received several reports of a bush fire out of control on Greencastle Hill, northwest of Bendals.

Early reports suggested that Fire Service Officials were having extreme difficulty reaching the area. Eyewitness reports describe Greencastle Hill as “lit up from one end to the other” … “a really spectacular display” … and other expressions of awe.

When Caribarena first contacted the Bolans Police Station the officers on duty stated that the location of the fire was yet to be discovered.

The officers told Caribarena that they had received reports of a fire, and had visited the area indicated, thought to be Mount Obama. The officers report that their search found no evidence of any fires.

However, sightings of a large brush fire in the hills continued to come in from various parts of the island, including New Winthorpes and Renfrews.

Caribarena has learned that Fire brigade personnel are at the site of the bush fire. Owing to a degree of confusion resulting from many conflicting reports, up until 10 pm the Fire Department personnel in St. Johns were still unable to confirm the exact location of the fire.

According to Fire Department and Police personnel members of the public calling in sightings of the fire gave widely differing locations, resulting in some degree of confusion. However the fire was eventually determined to be in heavy brush on Greencastle Hill.

Owing to the absence of roads the fire equipment is unable to approach the area where the fire continues to rage.

The fire is burning in a generally northwesterly direction, away from Bendals. Officers confirm that there is no threat to human or animal life, or to any agricultural or business interests. Accordingly the Fire Brigade is monitoring the fire to ensure that it continues to pose no threat until it burns itself out in the brushy areas that extend towards Jennings/Ebenezer.

Caribarena is continuing to pursue this matter, and will bring further details as they become available.

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