Picture Post: U.S. wildfires burn bright, even from space

Picture Post: U.S. wildfires burn bright, even from space

07 June 2012

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 USA — This amazing picture taken from the International Space Station shows how even great calamities can seem serene when observed from far away. The view is of the wildfires – that’s the smoke and dimmer lights right of center of the image – burning next to the bright lights of El Paso, Texas – the brightly lit area just under the tail of the Russian spacecraft docked to the Station at left.

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Eastern Arizona, western New Mexico, western Colorado and eastern Utah have above-normal risks of significant wildfire this summer, while no part of Texas is listed in that category, according to the National Inter-agency Fire Center.

As of Monday, firefighters were battling 11 large, uncontained blazes, mostly in seven Western states – New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

The year-to-date tally of burned acreage across the country is running about 40 percent below average for the same six-month period over the past decade, said Ken Frederick, a spokesman for the Fire Center.

By this time last year in Texas, massive wildfires had burned hundreds of thousands of acres and, by year’s end, 4 million acres were lost in the state. So far in 2012, just 46,000 acres have burned in the Lone Star State.

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