Duck Lake Wildfire efforts continue

Duck Lake Wildfire efforts continue

06 June 2012

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 USA —  One-hundred-forty-one structures gone. That’s how many property casualties the Duck Lake Wildfire has taken as of Tuesday morning.

“I knew there were a number of structures in the area, but until you start going systematically house to house, I didn’t realize that there were that many structures in the fire area. So I’m a little surprised by how many were lost,” said damage assessor Jon Fosgitt.

According to latest estimates, the wildfire fire is just over 21,000 acres and 76 percent contained.

The DNR says they’ve notified every landowner about the condition of his or her property, and they don’t believe there are any more structures that are unaccounted for.

“You know that these people, these were their special places. This is where they had their memories. This is where they spent their good times. And to tell those landowners that they lost it all, I think that’d be tough on anybody,” Fosgitt said.

Insurance agencies and DNR workers are assessing the extent of the damage on each structure. They’ve created a data base that contains the status of each property that was damaged in the fire.

The DNR and American Red Cross are now working together to help people restart their lives after the disaster.

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