Vic Govt considers cattle grazing documents appeal

Vic Govt considers cattle grazing documents appeal

04 June 2012

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Australia — The Victorian Government is considering fighting an order to release documents about its controversial alpine cattle grazing trial.

The trial in the Alpine National Park was blocked by the Federal Government but the State Government has launched an appeal.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has ordered the State Government to release internal documents, including a scientific literature review.

The Government says the trial is designed to reduce the bushfire risk but opponents have cast doubt on its scientific credibility.

Deputy Premier Peter Ryan says the Government has been open about its intentions but believes some documents should not be released.

“There is the possibility that we will appeal this decision but that is something that we are currently considering,” he said.

“We need to completely review and absorb and then make judgments about the VCAT decision.

“We are looking to have cattle in the national park next year but we will see of course what occurs in relation to current proceedings in different jurisdictions.”

Phil Ingamells from the Victorian National Parks Association says the documents will reveal if the trial was based on solid science.

“The main one we want is the review of all the scientific literature that they have based it on,” he said.

“We just want to see it.

“If it is absolutely hunky-dory then that … is fine.

“We don’t believe the trial was necessary. We certainly don’t believe it was necessary to run it in the Alpine National Park – they could have easily done it outside the park more cheaply and more effectively.

“We don’t believe it was necessary, we just want to see what their reasons were.”

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