FireWhat Unveils New Wildfire Apps at Where Conference in San Francisco

FireWhat Unveils New Wildfire Apps at Where Conference in San Francisco

05 April 2012

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USA — FireWhat attended the Oreilly 2012 Where Conference, and announced their new suite of products designed to keep people informed with up to the minute information about wildfires.

FireWhat Inc., a small startup in Dunsmuir, CA, operates a website,, that maps and tracks wildfires. From coast to coast, those living near a current burning wildfire can monitor the situation. Weather affecting the fire can be monitored, as can local terrain factors. Now this ability has gone mobile, as Sam Lanier, CEO of FireWhat and a featured speaker at the sixth annual O’Reilly Media Where Conference, announced the launch of two new Apps available on the iOS platform. The Wildfire Home App includes guides for homeowners, such as how to prep your home before disaster strikes. The Wildfire Info is a free app, a light version of the previous, and features the mapping and tracking ability of the website in a mobile-specific form.

How to describe the 2012 Where Conference. The very limits of smartphone technology and possibility is the topic of discussion here. Start-ups and established brands alike in the tech industry met and pontificated on the software of tomorrow, leveraging location technology, a result of the increasing ability to watch and learn about people and their habits.

The idea here is to create new opportunities to observe and depict information. Whether it’s mapping and tracking the spread of disease or the spread of wildfires, the Where Conference has something for everyone.

About FireWhat Inc.

FireWhat is a project started by two professional firefighters and a graduate of MIT. Their mission is to bring life saving solutions to a technology deprived industry.

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