Asthma warning over Tasmania fires

Asthma warning over Tasmania fires

05 April 2012

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Australia — People travelling to Tasmania might want to take precautions if they suffer from asthma as a bush fire outbreak affects parts of the the Australian state.

Those who suffer from breathing difficulties might want to take out some form of pre existing medical travel insurance to ensure they do not incur hefty medical bills if they are taken ill on holiday.

People with asthma have been warned to stay indoors and ensure they have their medication as air quality in southern Tasmania deteriorated quickly due to the fires.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) revealed a sudden increase in dangerous smoke particles in the area, with the Derwent Valley and surrounding regions measuring “red alert” levels. Mt Wellington was barely visible through the smoke from the Eastern Shore.

Capital city Hobart recorded a level of 43, while Bryn Estyn, near New Norfolk, was at 68. Levels over 25 are deemed to not be healthy.

Cathy Beswick, the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania’s chief executive officer, said: “Be very, very careful about your asthma management plan and avoid the smoke, stay indoors, keep the windows and doors shut and always carry your blue reliever medication.”

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