The parachutist-firefighter was lost in the Amursk region

The parachutist-firefighter was lost in the Amursk region

02 April 2012

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Russia — The regional prosecutor’s office finds out circumstances and causes of the tragedy.

On March 31 the group of employees of the Aerial Forest Fire Center Amursk regioncarried out a controlled burning on grassy vegetation. As reported in Rosleskhoz’s press service, after completion of work, 32-year-old parachutist-firefighter Vyacheslav Gulevich didn’t come to a collecting place. After search actions the employee of air base was found without life signs.

Vyacheslav Gulevich joined to the Amurskaya aviabaza –Aerial Forest Fire Center Amursk region in 2002 and is characterized as the skilled expert. The regional prosecutor’s office conducts investigation of all circumstances of the tragedy. The federal agency of forestry presents condolences to the family of the victim.

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