Forest Fires All Over Costa Rica

Forest Fires All Over Costa Rica

13 March 2012

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Costa Rica — The fire at Cerro Chirripo at the Talamanca Mountain Range, began to expand to other two national parks in Costa Rica, confirmed on Monday the Environment Ministry (Minaet).

The latest arson attacks consume hectares of forest in Palo Verde, in the province of Guanacaste, and Tivives on Route 27, in Atenas, emphasized a release by the governmental ministry.

These fires, caused by unknown, so far affected the flora and fauna of 700 thousand hectares in the three protected areas.

Much of the Chirripo National Park burned for 15 days and the process of extinguishing the flames came over the weekend in its finishing stage said Minaet.

The state agency thanked the Government of Guatemala for their collaboration to put out the fire in the territory, which will take three decades to regenerate after this event, according to the Association for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna.

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