Haze continues in Lampang

Haze continues in Lampang

03 March 2012

published by www.mcot.net

Thailand –The northern province of Lampang on Saturday has been blanketed by haze for four consecutive days as the level of dust particles remains higher than the safety standard of 120 micrograms per cubic metre.

Lampang Meteorological Station head Tiwa Panmaisi said the Department of Pollution Control was still warning the province of bad weather as the level of dust particles measured at the province’s four air quality monitoring stations continued to rise, putting residents at health risk.

Mr Tiwa reported that dust particles in Mae Mo district was measured at 247.21 microgrammes per cubic metre, higher than Friday, which saw 206 microgrammes per cubic metres.

The level of dust particles kept rising for four consecutive days, according to the station head.

Mr Tiwa said a high pressure system has put Lampang’s 13 districts and the upper Northern region in cold weather as well as concentrated the haze which was triggered by forest fire into the lower atmosphere.

The station head added the haze dissipate whenever there is a strong wind sweeping it away or if rain extinguishes the forest fire.

Despite the high level of dust particles, Mr Tiwa reaffirmed the haze problem has not yet affected flights and road traffic, with visibility remaining at 1,500 metres.

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